...... Customs formalities


Our customs agency deals with all kinds of import/export customs formalities. This is a complex and often poorly understood area of logistics.
These formalities are essential for anyone wanting to do business across borders.




Excise formalities

These are national formalities: each country has its own. Only certain products are affected. In Belgium these are fuel, alcoholic drinks, wines, cigarettes, coffee and water.
Excise formalities give rise to the levying of excise duties by an authorized agent; the money goes to the Belgian revenue.
J-M Rose is approved by the Belgian revenue to calculate and levy excise duties, and to handle the various products subject to excise.
We have an EC bonded warehouse where products subject to excise may be stored without paying duty beforehand. This bonded warehouse is a really useful commercial device for our customers, enabling them to store products subject to excise without having to pay duty immediately.

Customs formalities

These formalities are an indispensable part of any export or import to/from the European Union.

When goods are imported these formalities involve the levying of certain customs duties which depend on the nature of the goods and their country of origin.

There are also formalities to be completed when goods are exported from the European Union, so that they may enter a non-EU country.

We have a bonded warehouse which among other things enables us to import goods from a country outside the European Union without having to pay the customs duty or VAT on these imports immediately.

Our strengths

Long experience in dealing with customs and excise. We have been dealing with all the changes in the law on such matters for the last 40 years (open borders, the Single Market, moving to the Euro, and the SADBEL, NCTS, PLDA and EMCS systems &c.).

We have dealings every day with the Brussels customs and excise, whose offices are a stone's throw from ours.