J-M Rose organises all kinds of transport, national and international.
National road transport in lorries for big amounts or vans for packets and multiple deliveries in urban centres.
International transport by road, sea or air.






International transport by road, sea or air.

The choice of transport mode depends on the goods to be carried, the final destination, the deadline and the customer's preference. Air transport is fast but quite costly, while sea transport is more suited to big quantities or bulk transport over long distances where cost must be kept to a minimum.

Road transport, on the other hand, offers a good compromise between speed and expense, so long as the departure point and destination can be reached by lorry. We see to every stage of the journey from pick-up at the sender's premises (single or multiple pick-ups) to delivery in the destination country. This may involve packing the merchandise, finding the transport solution most appropriate to our customers' needs, completing the various customs and/or excise formalities, handling the merchandise (loading/unloading) and dispatch to its final destination.

Our strengths:

  • • We're an independent freight organiser, not tied to any particular group.
  • • A flexible organisation that can adapt to every requirement.
  • • a small outfit that can respond quickly and treats every customer as unique.